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Collaborate with your peers.

With Vista’s medical device training courses, we are committed to providing healthcare professionals with opportunities to train and collaborate with their peers on progressive healthcare procedures.

Learn from the experts.

Courses are led by subject-matter experts who share their experience and knowledge to assist you in learning about Cook Medical technology and products.

Expand your knowledge.

With Vista medical device courses, you can stay aware of current medical procedures no matter where you are in your clinical career, including residency and fellowship training.

About our courses

Header BgEducation is at Cook Medical’s core. Our founder, Bill Cook, understood that educating healthcare professionals on our devices is essential to improving patient care.

Each Vista Education and Training course is designed and centered on the educational needs of many healthcare professionals, including nurses, technicians, operating room or theatre staff, and physicians. Cook Medical offers products for almost 60 clinical specialties, and Vista offers training on many of these products.

Courses feature state-of-the-art tools, modern teaching facilities, and e-learning education and training programs delivered on digital platforms, including webinars and tele-education. Courses also include a mix of learning modalities:
• Case observation
• Didactic lecture
• Hands-on training