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As a full line stent supplier Cook Medical offers training courses in all areas of GI Stenting. Courses can feature the entire GI anatomy or specific areas and cover all the different types of SEMS and introduction systems to help you and your unit excel in this important area.

Who is this course aimed at?
Courses are offered for all levels of experience and both Doctors and Nurse practitioners.

What products will be featured?

  • Metal Stents: Evolution Esophageal, Evolution Colonic, Evolution Duodenal, Evolution Biliary and Zilver 635.
  • Plastic Biliary and Pancreatic Stents.
  • Dilation: Hercules & Titan

What is the course format?
Hands-on training courses, usually performed in a clinical setting, are run throughout Europe.

Please contact your local Cook Medical Representative to enquire about availability of Vista courses in your region or click here to request someone from the Cook team to contact you directly.


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