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After 20 years of clinical data and patient evidence, EVAR is at a critical juncture. The number of device failures and type 1 endoleaks is on the rise. Cook Medical believes that the increase is because of the progressive nature of aortic disease. We believe that EVAR is only a treatment—not a cure—for aortic disease, and that aortic disease requires a durable repair.

Zenith training

It is our responsibility to help physicians like you accommodate and plan for the progression of aortic disease so you can provide patients with appropriate, lasting EVAR. Cook provides a variety of regional training opportunities that are designed to match your needs and level of expertise.

This training includes workshops, proctored cases, and hands-on opportunities to learn from many of the world’s foremost experts in EVAR. The goal of this training is to help you plan for the progression of aortic disease and give your patients the most durable repair.

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